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Consulting Services

Leadership Development

Is your non-profit association struggling to maintain its membership? Are leadership positions always held by the same individuals or groups? Do committees have clearly defined responsibilities or are the ones that exist outdated? Is there a comprehensive Leadership Handbook that clearly outlines the work of the organization? Do the organizational by-laws align with the work of the organization and other existing documentation? Is your organization making the most of today’s technology or are things being done “the way we’ve always done it?”
Many associations work with limited staff and volunteer help that comes and goes making addressing these challenges often overwhelming. IGC Solutions can help your organization meet and overcome these challenges through:

  • Assessing the current status of your organization
  • Identifying organizational strengths and weaknesses
  • Facilitating discussions to address or problem-solve weaknesses
  • Creating or updating an organizational leadership handbook
  • Providing written assessments with recommendations
  • Our leadership development strategies are geared to help you mentor future leaders, increase volunteerism, improve organizational participation, maximize efficient communication, and much more.

Board Development

Is your non-profit board lacking direction? Does the nominations process work on the “buddy system” or is there a process in place to ensure organizational needs are being met? Do board members fully understand their function within the organization? Is commitment among board members a problem? Is there a Board Handbook and is it current? Is there an effective onboarding for new members? Is the current standing committee structure meeting the needs of the organization?
IGC Solutions consultants have extensive experience in assessing board needs, identifying strengths and weaknesses and providing organization leaders with the self-guided tools they need to keep things running smoothly and efficiently moving forward.
Our board development services include:

  • Surveying and assessing the current status
  • Identifying gaps in leadership, demographics, and experience
  • Creating or revamping the nomination process
  • Writing or updating job descriptions
  • Creating or updating board handbook
  • Developing or updating onboarding for new board members
  • Providing full and complete written assessment with recommendations
  • Contact us today to discuss how IGC Solutions might assist your association or organization work through the challenges being faced today.

Strategic Planning

If asked, “What is the vision, mission or strategy for your non-profit organization?” would board members, staff or members know what these were? When was the last time the strategic plan was used in a board meeting to drive the agenda? Is your strategic plan collecting dust in a drawer or used in decision-making?
IGC Solutions uses a modified version of Appreciative Inquiry to drive a strategic planning process based on the organizations core values. Our consultants will guide your team through the following process to develop a Strategic Plan intended to be a working tool used to drive all work within the organization.
Here at IGC Solutions, our Appreciative Inquiry process can uniquely identify best practices based on your core values. Our consultants will offer professional guidance through the following:

  • Identifying where the organization has been – what has made it great
  • Identifying where the organization is today
  • Identifying industry-related best practices
  • Determining five or six key action areas to grow and develop
  • Creating purpose statements for each action area
  • Creating action plans for each area
  • Providing clients with the full report along with instructions for annual re-evaluation and plan updating

    Communication Assessment

    The success of any organization can depend greatly on the effectiveness of its internal and external communication practices. Internally, are members feeling well-connected and informed? Externally, is the message your organization communicates relevant to your target market or are you casting a broad net in the hopes of reaching your target market?
    Whether your struggles are internal or external, IGC Solutions can facilitate your organization through the comprehensive communication assessment process which includes the following:

  • Identifying current communication tools and how they are used
  • A qualitative assessment to determine preliminary areas of strength and weakness and areas of improvement
  • A quantitative assessment of the target audience to determine the effectiveness of the current tools along with receptiveness to any new ideas generated in the preliminary investigation
  • Full analysis of the data
  • Interpretation of the data and a full reporting to include the findings and recommendations for improvement
  • IGC Solutions will also assist clients with implementation upon request
  • Contact us today for a personalized communications assessment to ensure you’re on the right path to success.

    Documentation Review

    Organizations often update bylaws without ensuring that those changes are implemented in other procedural documents within the organization. When this occurs compliance issues can be problematic. Contact IGC Solutions if it has been a while since the organization’s documentation has been fully reviewed to ensure compliance. One of our consultants will review your documentation, identify gaps and inconsistencies, ensure all documentation is in proper order, and provide your organization with the tools for self-driven annual reviews moving forward.
    Complete the Contact Us form below to schedule a Documentation Review.

    Succession Planning

    Changes in staff occur all the time, but many association executives are long-tenured in their positions. It’s one thing if an association executive leaves to take another position or retires, but what if the worst would happen? What shape would your organization be in if the person with years of institutional knowledge is no longer available to answer sometimes even basic questions like how the bills get paid or the payroll gets processed? Waiting until the transition has happened is too late to realize that critical and essential institutional knowledge left with the departing executive. Whether the transition is emergent or planned, a succession plan is a necessary tool to ensure the board is prepared to efficiently manage the transition process.
    IGC Solutions can assist your organization identify those areas where vulnerability exists and assist with the creation of a succession plan so board and staff are well-equipped to handle the inevitable.

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